Insomnia: Are You Also Having Sleeping Disorder?

Sleep loss or insomnia is fairly frequent in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. They hinder you from sleeping, whether it’s because of your hectic daily routine, assignment deadlines, bereavement, or worry. It can be exceedingly debilitating, creating mental and physical difficulties. Furthermore, interrupted habits in a pandemic are leading to an increase in sleeplessness. Most people make a resolution to sleep more in the new year. To get there, strive to get your life back on track. … Read More

Body Scan Meditation

Body Scan Meditation: Must Read This Before You Start!

Have you ever heard about body scan meditation? You’ve undoubtedly heard about the advantages of meditation by this time. However, with so many different styles of meditation to select from, it can be difficult to begin. Enter the body scan meditation, a contemplative technique in which you scan your body consciously for sensations of discomfort, stress, or anything out of the norm. Increasing your awareness of physiological sensations can help you feel more connected to … Read More


11 Most Effective Strategies For Burnout Recovery

Your brain and body can only take so much being overworked and overburdened. If you encounter high amounts of stress on a regular basis without making efforts to manage or minimise it, tiredness will eventually take control, leaving you emotionally and physically exhausted. You may begin to lose motivation if it appears like nothing you do is making a difference. Because burnout develops gradually, you may not notice symptoms right away. However, it can impair … Read More

breathing techniques for sleeping

9 Best Breathing Techniques For Sleeping

You’re not alone if you have trouble falling asleep. Insomnia is the most prevalent sleep problem, according to the Health Administration. About 30% of individuals have short-term issues, and 10% have persistent difficulty falling or staying asleep. Our fast-paced world, which is loaded with schoolwork, long work days, financial constraints, parenting fatigue, and other emotionally draining events, can make it difficult to unwind, quiet down, and sleep well. When it’s difficult to sleep, focusing on … Read More

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