9 Best Meditation Tips When You’re an Overthinker

Despite the fact that I’ve been meditating for a long time, I still find it difficult to truly turn off my mind. Enter my “monkey mind,” the distracting, restless thoughts that keep me from achieving mental peace. Even when I set aside time for silence, a tidal wave of thoughts washes me out into a sea of worries, concerns, and — wait, am I making chicken or fish for dinner tonight? Although the idea of … Read More


Meditation For Depression: Best 5 Ways To Deal With It!

Depression is a prevalent mental health disease that can manifest itself in several ways. If you suffer from depression, you may have chronic symptoms such as a persistently poor mood. Alternatively, you may experience significant depressed episodes a few times a year. You may also find that your symptoms change or worsen over time. Depression therapies can sometimes be quite effective right away. You can: locate a fantastic therapist have good results with medicine adopt … Read More


Which Type of Meditation Is Best For Me?

Meditation is a centuries-old practice that is currently used in civilisations all over the globe to achieve inner calm and harmony. Although meditation is linked to many different religious traditions, it is more about altering consciousness, discovering awareness, and reaching serenity than faith. It is growing more popular since there is a greater need to relieve stress in our hectic schedules and demanding lifestyles. While there is no right or wrong method to meditate, it … Read More

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Best 15 Meditation Apps That You Must Try In 2021

There is an app for everything these days, including meditation and mindfulness. There are hundreds of these meditation apps available, each promising to help users combat anxiety, sleep better, focus better, manage their weight, and more. But how do you know which one is right for you, or how to tell the difference between apps designed by professionals in the field and those made up by someone who is new to the practice themselves? To … Read More

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