Impact Of COVID-19 On Our Diet and Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic presented many individuals with new problems that most of us had never experienced before. It disrupted people’s normal routines, caused stress and worry, and pushed them out of their comfort zones, all of which may have an impact on their overall health. Vaccines are now being provided, certain limitations have been relaxed, and health organisations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are beginning to reduce physical distance recommendations. … Read More


Meditation For Depression: Best 5 Ways To Deal With It!

Depression is a prevalent mental health disease that can manifest itself in several ways. If you suffer from depression, you may have chronic symptoms such as a persistently poor mood. Alternatively, you may experience significant depressed episodes a few times a year. You may also find that your symptoms change or worsen over time. Depression therapies can sometimes be quite effective right away. You can: locate a fantastic therapist have good results with medicine adopt … Read More

deep breathing

How Deep Breathing Can Improve Your Health and Posture?

Have you ever heard about deep breathing? Accepting your age is one thing, but what about your biological age? That is how “old” your body truly is, regardless of when you were born. A simple urine test can identify biological ageing in a variety of ways. The test, it is hoped, would be used in preventative medicine to evaluate a person’s risk of acquiring age-related illnesses. There are several ideas as to what causes ageing … Read More

breathing techniques for sleeping

9 Best Breathing Techniques For Sleeping

You’re not alone if you have trouble falling asleep. Insomnia is the most prevalent sleep problem, according to the Health Administration. About 30% of individuals have short-term issues, and 10% have persistent difficulty falling or staying asleep. Our fast-paced world, which is loaded with schoolwork, long work days, financial constraints, parenting fatigue, and other emotionally draining events, can make it difficult to unwind, quiet down, and sleep well. When it’s difficult to sleep, focusing on … Read More

work depression

Work Depression: Best Tips To Enhance Your Mental Health At Your Workplace

You are not alone if you experience work depression. Sadness, worry, loss of motivation, difficulty concentrating, inexplicable episodes of weeping, and boredom are just a few of the symptoms you may be experiencing at work if you are having depressive symptoms. Every year, millions of individuals are affected by work depression. People who took the survey’s depression screen increased by 62%, and 8 out of 10 tested positive for symptoms of moderate to severe work … Read More

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