Oatmeal for Weight Loss – Does it really help?

The American Journal of Clinical Approach stated that whole grains are better when compared with refined grains for diet. The difference between whole grains and refined grains is based on their refinement and processing. Whole grains have minimal processing, while refined grains are processed grains. Some of the best choices of whole grains are barley, brown rice, millet, oatmeal, quinoa, corn, and wheat. Some examples of refined grains are white rice, white bread, bagels, and noodles. 

Grains offer a variety of benefits. If you wish to include it in your diet, you are opting for one of the healthiest options. There are different types of grains. Grains are good for your health because they are rich in fiber and other nutritional content. It also reduces the risks of heart complications, obesity, and diabetes. It is also beneficial for aiding digestion And helping with chronic inflammation. 

One of the popular choices of grains is oats, and also one of the healthiest choices. It is gluten-free, which means it is devoid of gluten protein. It is rich in different vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and fiber. Oats have magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, iron, and copper. It is also a source of vitamins B1 and B5. Oats also have relatively smaller portions of vitamins B3 and B6. 

Oatmeal for weight loss

Oatmeal for Weight Loss

Oats are derived from whole grains from the plant species Avena sativa. The unprocessed form of oats, known as oat groats or whole grains, are often time-consuming when it comes to cooking. For this reason, some processed forms of oats are preferred rather than whole grains. Some of the most consumed types of oats are crushed oats, rolled oats, or steel-cut oats. Instant oats are another variant of food derived from oats, but it also is the most processed form of it. 

Among all the benefits, Oatmeal can be an effective way to aid weight loss. Among the other benefits, one of the reasons why people prefer oatmeal is because it is a good choice of food if you want to control your weight. Let us see why oatmeal for weight loss is a good option. 

Reasons why oatmeal for weight loss is a good option

Oatmeal is one of the popular breakfast choices across the globe. One of the reasons can be attributed to how beneficial oatmeal is for weight loss. Oatmeal has affirmative effects on satiety. Oatmeal for weight loss also provides greater satiety. Oatmeals contain a combination of different nutrient content that makes them ideal for weight loss. Oatmeal for weight loss contains fiber, proteins, and complex carbohydrates and the cumulative effects of its composition are effective in weight loss. 

Oatmeal for weight loss is good because it has effective effects on managing healthy bowel movements. Since oatmeal is rich in fibers (which help in regulating bowel movement(s) it is beneficial for maintaining the motions. The fibers of oatmeal have satiating effects, which reduces the need for snacks in between meals. 

Another reason that makes oatmeal for weight loss a good choice is because of its glycemic index. The Glycemic index is indicative of the rise in blood sugar levels after the consumption of food. Depending upon the processing of oats, the GI values vary accordingly. Oatmeal obtained by rolling oats has a GI value of 55, while the same value for instant oatmeal is 79. If GI value is taken into account, the best choice of oatmeal for weight loss is steel-cut oats. Low GI results in the slower digestion of food; hence your body will not exhaust the energy obtained by consuming oatmeals faster. 

Diet based on Oatmeal for weight loss

Oatmeal has satiating properties; hence it can replace two meals a day. Oatmeal can be consumed thrice a day if you want to follow strict diet oatmeal for weight loss, but the experts recommend not restricting a single type of food in your diet. Three meals of oatmeal for weight loss offer a sum of 1300 calories on a daily basis. While the latter option includes two meals (breakfast & lunch) of oatmeals, and dinner must contain a protein source like meat along with a plate of salad. 

If you are tired of eating oatmeal, weight loss will help you in consuming oats in alternative methods. Here are some of the ways you can add oatmeal for weight loss to your diet. 

1. Oats khichdi

Oatmeal for Weight Loss

Khichdi is an Indian dish, usually made with a combination of rice and lentils. Oats khichdi can replace rice with oats and is cooked by adding oats and lentils. In addition to this, vegetables can be added to increase nutritional value. A serving of healthy oats khichdi offers just 127 calories. The calorie intake and oats khichdi being a satiating meal is a good choice of variation of oatmeals for weight loss. 

2. Oats Idli

Idli is a south Indian dish made of delicious aromas. The batter for preparing idlis is made of oats, not other flours. The batter can include vegetables, spices, and herbs. It is A convenient way to consume oats for weight loss. One idli made of oats just offers 30 calories, which proves it can be consumed for weight loss. 

3. Oatmeal porridge with fried eggs

Oatmeal for Weight Loss

Oats porridge is an easy recipe to consume oatmeal for weight loss. You have to add oats in either milk or water. You can add honey or sugar for sweetening as per your preferences. If you wish to add fruits, you can skip adding honey or sugar. You should avoid adding fruits if you are preparing oats porridge with milk. This is because Ayurveda claims the combination is incompatible. You can add this dish with fried eggs to spice it up a little. 

Tips for adding oatmeals for weight loss in your meal

Oatmeals offer a lot of health benefits to our bodies. But consuming oatmeal for weight loss in the wrong manner might result in some drawbacks. For adding oatmeal for weight loss in your meal, there are some things you must take into consideration. Here are some of the pointers mentioned that you should keep under check. 

Although it can be tempting to add sweetening flavors to oats, it can result in a spike in calories and fats. Some of the most added things in oatmeal are sugars, butter, or syrups. The oats are bland. Hence it may seem to be a good choice to add them to oatmeal. But if you prefer oatmeal for weight loss, it is advised to avoid it. You can choose other healthier alternatives like fruits and nuts. 

Another thing to monitor is the portion sizes of your oatmeal. Half a cup of oatmeal is sufficient, according to experts. Consumption of oatmeal in abundance can be high in calories and carbohydrate-rich. While the recommended amount is half a cup, it may vary individually by factors like age, sex, health, etc. 

As it is known, processed food is not a good option when compared with whole grains. Avoid consuming flavored or instant oatmeal, as they fall under the category of processed foods. It can cause an increase in sugar levels and calories. 

Fiber is digested by the body at a slower pace. Oatmeal for weight loss is rich in fiber. Hence you should consume a fiber-rich diet not too quickly. Overconsumption of fiber may cause bloating and stomach ache. It is advised to drink a lot of water for easy movement of fibers through the GI tract. 

Some other health benefits of oats

Oatmeal for Weight Loss

We focused only on how oats are best for weight loss, but the benefits of oats are not just limited to weight loss. Let us get to know some of the health benefits of oatmeal. 

If we talk about the nutritional composition of oatmeal, it is a perfect combination of fibers, carbohydrates, a few vitamins, and some important minerals. Oatmeals are also a rich source of high-quality proteins. Rounding off, oatmeal just does not help you to lose weight but also manages the nutritional requirements of your body. Apart from nutrients, they are also a good source of antioxidants. Antioxidants have beneficial effects on our systems. 

You might have already learned that oats are a rich source of fiber. One of the fibers oats are rich in is beta-glucan. This fiber offers a lot of benefits to our bodies. Oatmeals are also beneficial for controlling heart-related conditions. Cholesterol is the leading cause of heart-related troubles, and oats are effective in managing cholesterol levels. Beta-glucan fiber, obtained from oats, releases bile (cholesterol-rich) that can control the levels of cholesterol in the body. Beta-glucan also prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which has a detrimental effect on our bodies. 

Wrapping It Up

The article focuses on how oatmeal for weight loss can be effective for people trying to manage their weight. While oatmeal is beneficial, you should not be solely dependent on an oatmeal-based diet. You also should be involved in other healthy ways of losing weight, like exercise. While you choose an oatmeal-based diet, you should be cautious about consuming a healthy and sufficient diet. 

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