Black Coffee – 8 Ways It Impacts Your Health in a Busy Lifestyle

The world is a rush, so much of a hurry that we nearly forget to take care of ourselves. Amidst all the chaos of the world, if you prefer to drink black coffee, you obliviously and unknowingly are providing health benefits to your body. Black coffee is considered to be one of the healthiest beverages. It offers a lot of health benefits. Black coffee is brewed coffee that generally does not contain any added flavors, cream, milk, or sugar.

Black coffee is the healthiest way to consume coffee. Because it has no added flavors of sugar or milk, a large number of people are still addicted to this strong drink. If coffee is all you need on your bad days, or simply put, you are a coffeeholic, you landed in the correct place to dig a little information about black coffee. 

1. Uplifts the levels of energy 

Many of us can not think about starting the day without coffee. A cup of black coffee is a friend when we are exhausted, but we still need energy. A cup of black coffee can boost your energy levels. Coffee energizes a tired person by tricking the sleep-wake cycle of the human brain and reduces sleepiness and fatigue.

Coffee contains caffeine & caffeine causes an increase in neurotransmitters like dopamine which ultimately lead to an increased level of energy. Intake of coffee causes fast alertness in your body, and you may notice an elevated mood. This can be explained by how caffeine interacts with the CNS (central nervous system) and results in increased heart rate and blood pressure. Not only black coffee effectively boosts mood, but it also improves your memory and retention power. 

2. Black coffee is helpful in your weight loss journey

weight loss journey

Yes, you heard it right! Coffee contains caffeine that acts as a natural stimulant and enhances the metabolic rate. Black coffee is effective for both obese and healthy people. Black coffee has the least amount of calories in it, containing no fat. This low-calorie drink is very effective for weight loss. Apart from Stimulating the metabolic rate, black coffee also potentially suppresses hunger in our bodies.

Another chemical compound rich in black coffee is chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid delays the production of glucose, which results in a lesser amount of glucose and fat production in the body. Black coffee also contains a few other chemicals that act as antioxidants that facilitate the weight loss journey of an individual.

3. Association of black coffee and reduced risk of heart problems

“American Heart Association journal” published a study that concluded consuming coffee somehow reduced the chances of being prone to heart troubles like heart failure or other cardiovascular diseases. According to the study, the chances of heart failure in people who consume a cup of coffee per day were reduced to a level of 5-12%.

There are multiple publications affirming the consumption of black coffee is linked with lowered cardiovascular troubles. Intake of coffee causes a temporary elevation in blood pressure, which may affect patients with pre-existing heart conditions. But a modest amount of black coffee will cause no harm. If you have a subsisting heart condition, you are advised to meet your doctor.

4. Black Coffee is a friend to your liver

Liver Health

Many publications have confirmed the competency of black coffee concerning the liver. Coffee delivers a lot of benefits to the liver of the human body. Consuming a moderate amount of coffee potentially reduces the risks of liver cancer. In some patients, coffee consumption also delays the progress of liver diseases.

Liver fibrosis & cirrhosis are one of the most common conditions in the liver. Coffee also lowers the risk of liver conditions like these. One study claims a decrease in risks related to cirrhosis by 44% just by the consumption of two cups of coffee per day. Altogether, coffee is good for reducing the chances of getting liver diseases and slowing the progression of existing liver conditions. Being a diuretic drink, black coffee is also effective in cleaning your gut.

5. Diseases prevented by black coffee

Black coffee is also beneficial in preventing a lot of complications. Coffee consumption results in improving the symptoms of depression. Coffee intake increases happy hormones like serotonin. According to a publication, drinking a moderate amount of coffee reduced the chances of being prone to a few types of cancer. When we consider Alzheimer’s disease, consumption of coffee can delay the decline of the brain’s functions. Intake of coffee can also prevent the chances of being a patient with type 2 diabetes.

7. Antioxidants in coffee

Antioxidants in coffee

Coffee, no doubt, is a beverage well known for its flavor. If you have fallen into an addiction to coffee, let us tell you how rich black coffee is in antioxidants. Coffee is a better antioxidant when compared with other sources of antioxidants (like tea). Because of the presence of a large number of antioxidants, black coffee renders a lot of health benefits to the human body.

Coffee can also be beneficial against damage to the cells. Coffee also contains a good amount of magnesium, potassium, vitamin B2, B3, and B5, which are essential requirements of our body. If we take into account the American diet, coffee is the main source of antioxidants. The antioxidants present in coffee also help in losing weight.

8. Skin health contributed by drinking black coffee

Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants. If we specifically speak of polyphenols, coffee is rich in the antioxidant: polyphenol. According to a study, women who involved caffeine in their daily diet resulted in lesser pigmentation on their skin. Consuming coffee is reported to be linked to reduced photoaging. Coffee also is a rich source of vitamin B 3 (niacin) which is reported to prevent skin cancer.

What if you consume too much coffee?

Surely, it is beyond a doubt that coffee is one of the healthiest beverages rendering so many health benefits to us. But excess coffee too can be troublesome if you do not monitor the amount of coffee you are consuming. Coffee can uplift your mood and can relieve stress, but a higher intake of coffee is more likely to result in increased levels of hormones associated with stress and anxiety. 

A large amount of coffee can also result in acidity. If you do not control the intake of coffee, you also might experience abdominal spasms and abdominal cramps. Excess to coffee also disturbs the absorption of other minerals in your body. You are likely to observe a rise in your blood pressure and other troubles like headaches and dizziness. Abnormal heartbeat is also reported often. Higher levels of coffee in your system may disturb your natural sleep-wake cycles.

How much coffee can you consume daily?

As stated by the experts, the recommended amount of coffee is 50 – 400 mg of caffeine on a daily basis. More than the recommended levels of caffeine may show adverse effects on your body. Each brand of coffee contains a different amount of caffeine, so you are always advised to examine the caffeine content to make sure you are not consuming too much coffee. Generally, 3 – 5 cups of coffee are the moderate amount of coffee you can drink to obtain the best of the benefits.

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