Why Need Drugs when Your Breathe can make you High

Why Need Drugs when Your Breathe can make you High

Do you know what’s trending this year other than Covid-19; Ancient breathing techniques are
the hottest wellness trend of the year 2020. Yogis and Buddhists had practiced breath-based
mediation and pranayama for decades, to stay focused & calm and today researchers have found
a strong link between breathing & attention. So deep breathing techniques will never be out of

In many languages all over the world, the word “breath” is used to describe life, spirit, and

Why Need Drugs when Your Breathe can make you High
Why Need Drugs when Your Breathe can make you High

Breathing is very starting, and end of life and you will be amazed to know how much control you can have over your life by simply changing your breathing patterns, as breathing is associated with many vital functions of your body. So rather than counting on natural, well-tested, and super beneficial breathing exercises, why do people take illegal drugs?

What are drugs?

Once a Goat Herder noticed that his goats are dancing wildly and running around and were not sleeping at night. He saw them eating small red berries, those were coffee plants. 

Similar observations have seen other animals that seem to get “high” from naturally occurring drugs or fermented fruits.

Drugs are chemicals that alter the way your body works and are used as medicines, but the use of drugs for other purposes or in excessive amounts is called drug abuse. Drug abuse may lead to poor physical and mental health; and increased violence. 

Consumption of illegal drugs can be traced back to centuries. Almost all primitive and modern societies use illicit drugs.

According to the World Drug report 2020, approximately 35.6 million people suffer from abuse drug disorders globally.                                                                                                

India itself is home to numerous drug addicts, unfortunately, it widely covers youngsters. Collectively, Alcohol, Smoking, Illegal drug use kills more than 12 million people each year globally.

How drugs work and its effects 

Drugs can be taken orally, by inhaling or injecting, abused drugs enters the brain and other parts of the body through blood. It can feel good at first as it stimulates your brain’s reward center and releases dopamine (the happy hormone), but later its effects can be harmful, let have a look:

  • Can dull your senses 
  • Changes in cognitive ability 
  • Cause depression 
  • Panic disorders 
  • Mental illness 
  • Anxiety 
  • Cause Paranoia 
  • Increased heart 
  • Breathing issues 
  • Behavior issues 
  • Decision making          

Why people take it

Generally, people who are Emotionally or Physiologically weak feel that drugs can fill their voids and make them high, they start it by experimenting, to feel relaxed, to kill boredom, the pressure of work, financial issues, breakups. Teenagers usually take drugs to get fit in the group, to show they are grown-up or due to bad company. But I believe “No one can drive you crazy unless you give them the keys” isn’t it? 

Harmful effects of drugs are known to all still people continue taking them which is known as addiction. So, “Don’t let the things you do, spoil the things you have”.

Why Need Drugs when Your Breathe can make you High
Why Need Drugs when Your Breathe can make you High

How your Breath can make you High

Breathing is a recurring, automatic process regulated by the body. Normally people breathe 12 to 20 times per minute but breathe is much more than that.

The way we breathe, directly affects the chemistry of our brains and enhance our attention and
improve our mental health. Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience and the Global Brain
Health Institute at Trinity conducted a study and observed that there is a strong link
between breathing patterns and attention. They strongly believe that deep breathing
practices are very beneficial for focus and mental health.

Noradrenaline and adrenaline are playing major roles in the regulation of the “Inner world’ of the body by the brain. When we are stressed, we produce too much noradrenaline and we can’t focus. When we feel lethargic, we produce too little noradrenaline, which makes it hard to focus on anything. The research shows that deep breathing and meditation directly affect the levels of a natural chemical messenger in the brain i.e. noradrenaline and thus keeps you calm and focused.

Deep breathing is being used for thousands of years and has experienced numerous benefits; a few are mentioned here:

Improves Emotional, Physical and Mental health   Stress-free life  Makes you energetic Keep Spirits high  Connects spiritually

Proper breathing can improve important functions of your body, such as the functioning of heart, mind, and lungs; deep breathing works as a stress reliever to your mood booster. Whether you are Under Water or in the Ring or any other activity of life, your control over your breathing will keep performing better and better, as it boosts your stamina and reduces anxiety. We all know that these two are very important to perform best till the end. So, let the natural deep breath stimulate you, not the artificial and harmful chemicals.

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“Your chest cavity (house of heart and lungs) can only expand and contract (can work properly) when more Oxygen gets in.”

It’s well known that deep breathing helps gets in more Oxygen and the more oxygen is available to your muscles, the more relaxed your muscles will be and calmer you will feel. Deep breathing helps in managing addiction through relaxation. Try deep breathing when you feel stressed and you will be amazed to experience the instant results. 

When in times you are losing control over self or life, take a dig into deep breathing and you will have the sense of dealing with that problem rather than losing self towards the problem. Deep breathing is one of the tried and proven exercises to overcome addictions and helps your body to clean the bad effects of smoking, drugs, and alcohol. If you want to conquer the anxiety of life,” Get Deep in Breathe and High on Life, “you will notice the differences in yourself and how your body is filled with more power.   

So next time when you have a craving to suck in, substitute it with deep breathing and you not only feel high but your health and success will be on the next level too. 

Deep breathing is a part of proven addiction treatment and the strongest evidence-based practices which suit everyone. It is natural and non-pharmacological and covers emotional issues to behavioral problems and many others. Deep breathing is a part of the healing process too, as it helps in resolving unresolved emotional issues.

Prevention is better than cure

“We suffer more often in imagination than in reality”, nowadays all have stress but most of the people are not able to handle it smartly. Rather than facing it, people find ways to escape it, one of the easiest ways they found is to take drugs, as they believe that it will solve their problem, but this leads to a big problem later. 

On the other hand, when you breathe properly, your body calms down naturally, as you can’t sneeze with open eyes, you cannot be stress while deep breathing. Deep breathing takes you to a relaxed state which is free from anxiety and stress. So, make deep breathing part of your daily routine, as it will keep you away from stress, healthy life and from things which are later hard to get rid of.  

Breathing techniques are also part of Rehabilitation centers for years now, during drug withdrawal people may experience Physical, Mental, and emotional symptoms, which are not easy to handle and if left managed can be very dangerous too, as the body is trying to reach a new state of homeostasis(stability).   

When someone is addicted, the most difficult thing is to tolerate cravings, but deep breathing can help you in the same. Deep breathing helps in reducing the intensity of cravings, as when you are craving something and not able to get it, you get uneasy and deep breathing helps you to get at ease. Those who have quitted drugs and smoke strongly believe that deep breathing is an important element of the process. 

I love the lines from Tibetan saying, whichsays “The Breath is the Horse and the mind is the rider” when horse and horse rider knows each other well and are at peace, the ride becomes joyful and they can win any race. So how you want your life’s ride to be? Of course, Joyful, so practice deep breathing exercises daily and you can create harmony between the two.

During the early stages of addiction recovery, it’s hard to get Emotions in control, hence,
Psychological therapy is used during the recovery process in rehabilitation centers and deep
breathing is of the best aids and helps to get control over them.

Anxiety is one of the major reasons for the addition and hardest part of the recovery process. An
effective and easy way to deal with anxiety is to make beep breathing your daily routine.

Deep Breathing helps inlet more oxygen and more feel-good chemicals i.e. dopamine thus improves your mood, which is very helpful during the recovery process. 

In rehabilitation centers, patients are taught breathing strategies, which helps them to increase oxygen levels and manage anxiety and fears. People learn there to get in more oxygen and maximize the quality of life.

Concentrating on things can be difficult during the recovery process as abuse drugs disturb mental health; it gets hard for the mind to deal with the effects of withdrawal. Deep breathing influences our mind, improves our mental health, cravings, anxiety, stress, and helps in insomnia. 

Deep breathing has been known to keep people in a healthy state of mind, which helps in focusing on the positive side of life.

Other withdrawal symptoms like panic attacks, high blood pressure, fatigue, High blood pressure, can be very well handled through deep breathing by calming your body and by managing stress. 

Deep breathing exercise plays a vital role to get rid of drug addiction. Few breathing exercises for addiction are here for you: 

A. Breath Counting

This one is a good exercise to start with, it’s a combination of breathing and meditation. It helps you to focus on things you want to and to relax your mind. Let’s give it a try: 

· Sit at a quiet place and observe your breath

· Listen to the rhythm and begin to count

· Try slow exhale and count one

· Another exhale and count two

· Try doing this till 5

· Don’t be hard on yourself, it will come with practice

In many languages all over the world, the word “breath” is used to describe life, spirit, and


Why Need Drugs when Your Breathe can make you High
Why Need Drugs when Your Breathe can make you High

This exercise is simple, but it requires concentration. At the beginning you may feel your inhalation and exhalation are not equal, don’t worry and keep practicing it daily. Just carefully observe your breath, and you will master it very soon.

Another breathing exercise that is very well accepted by rehab centers and meditation centers is 4-7-8 breathing technique, also known as “relaxing breath”.

B. 4-7-8 method

It involves breathing in for 4 seconds, holding the breath for 7 seconds, and exhaling for 8 seconds.

  • · Relax and sit down (or you can lie down), now complete exhale.
  • · Deep Breathe in through your nose till you count four.
  • · Hold your breath for a count of seven.
  • · Exhale very slowly and count to eight.
  • · Repeat the whole exercise four times.

Initially, you may find it difficult to hold your breath; you can begin with counting faster but try 

to follow the ratio of 4-7-8 and observe. Practice will help you to do this perfectly. Don’t forget to be in good posture

You can feel the power of this exercise within a few days as it calms your brain and nervous system. So, practice 4-7-8 breathing twice a day, you can go with four repetitions at a time at the start, later you can increase it to eight at a time.

So just slowly breathe in, hold, and slowly breathe out can help be stress-free, control over cravings, control anger, relieve negative thoughts, and better sleep, what one can ask for.

Choice is yours 

We all face problems in life, no matter who we are and how good we are doing, the easiest way to solve the problem is to face them with a cool mind rather than finding a way to escape it with illegal drugs, which later on create many new problems.

“The darkness around us might somewhat light up if we would first practice using the light, we have in the place we are.” – Henry S. Haskins, so we should focus on the powers we have deep within rather than focusing on things which are not in our control. 

Today, people are searching for Oximeters to monitor their Oxygen levels, which shows how important it is to maintain Oxygen levels in our body.                                                

It’s high time, if we want to get High in life, just get into very basic and top essential techniques which are breathing exercises, remember we are all blessed with a body and only we are responsible to take care of it, so choose wisely.

Guys “Life is pretty easy, breathe in, breathe out, and repeat.

Thank You for reading Why Need Drugs when Your Breathe can make you High

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