Magic of Deep Breathing to Lead Healthy Life

Magic of Deep Breathing to Lead Healthy Life 

Often, we all say “Sans lene ki bhi fursat nahi hai” means we don’t have time to  breathe even, as today’s lifestyle is so fast that usually we are in hurry and have to  do all the daily activities like eating as quickly as possible. 

Magic of Deep Breathing to Lead Healthy Life
Magic of Deep Breathing to Lead Healthy Life – All We Need is Some Deep Breath

Same we are doing with the greatest pleasure of life i.e. breathing, which is the  topmost requirement of living too, but we ignore it completely, isn’t it? 

When last time you focused on your Inhalation and Exhalation process, breathe  going in deep and one coming out slowly. I guess many of you don’t remember. 

If you dedicate a few minutes daily on deep breathing, it can boost your Physical  and Mental health without any investments, let’s have a look at its benefits: 

Benefits of Deep breathing 

  • ✓ Reduce Stress 
  • ✓ Better Sleep 
  • ✓ Better Relationships 
  • ✓ Saves you from many diseases 
  • ✓ Active Brain 
  • ✓ Healthy Heart and Lungs
  • ✓ Increased Energy 
  • ✓ Release toxins from body 
  • ✓ Healthy Immune system 
  • ✓ Happy and Positive you 
  • ✓ It is free 
  • ✓ No equipment required 
  • ✓ No side effects 
  • ✓ Not much time required 
  • ✓ Anyone can do this (even kids)  

Magic of Deep Breathing on your Physical Health

Breathing affects your whole body and let’s check out how it benefits your  Physical Health 


Magic of Deep Breathing to Lead Healthy Life
Magic of Deep Breathing to Lead Healthy Life

1. Deep breathing increases Oxygen intake 

Each Organ of the body requires Oxygen to work properly.  

The brain uses 20% of oxygen and cannot survive even a couple of minutes  without oxygen supply and If you think a lot, your brain required more fuel i.e. up  to 50 % of oxygen. 

Other than the Brain, Liver, Heart, Kidney, Intestine consume most of the Oxygen  of the body. 

Deep breathing helps full oxygen inhalation, which helps other parts of the body  such has Brain, Liver, Heart, Kidney, Lungs to works proper way.

2. Deep breathing keeps Immune System & Lungs healthy 

COVID -19 has taught us how important is to keep our lungs and immune system  healthy, it can easily maintain by doing deep breathing. 

Deep breathing exercises release toxins & carbon dioxide from your body. When  your blood is fully oxygenated, it enhances your body absorption of necessary  vitamins and nutrients. 

As oxygen purifies the blood, so the cleaner the blood, the harder you will get ill.

3. Deep breathing keeps you Fit and improves Digestion 

Deep breathing allows oxygen to reach the abdominal muscles and keeps them  toned. 

It is very well accepted all over the world that Deep breathing helps to reduce  weight and keeps you fit, and it improves your Stamina too

Oxygen helps digestive organs to absorb more nutrients and thus increase the  efficiency of the digestive tract, which improves digestion

We all know that Acidity invites many diseases but are you aware that Deep  breathing reduces acidity and thus saves us from many fatal diseases like  Cancer

4. Deep breathing helps in Detoxifies the body 

Deep breathing releases Carbon monoxide and cleans the body toxins by 70%  and only 30% cleansing of toxins is taken care of by the bladder.   

Magic of Deep Breathing on your Mental Health  

Mental health affects the whole body, let’s check out how deep breathing benefits  your Mental Health: 

1. Deep breathing helps you reduce Stress 

Have you ever noticed rapid breaths when you are in Stress or Anger? In school it was taught that when you feel stressed or when you are in anger take a  deep breath and count backward.

Deep breathing sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax. The brain controls the whole body and sends a message to your body to relax and  avoid stress. 

Stress disturbs your heart rate, sleep, breathing, thyroid gland, brain activity,  blood pressure, and this all can be handled very well through deep breathing. 

Magic of Deep Breathing to Lead Healthy Life
Inhale Exhale & SMILE … Let Go Everything Else

2. Deep breathing keeps your Mind Active 

We know that the brain requires oxygen to work and when the brain is fully  oxygenated your cognition ability improves. It helps to improve our memory. Deep breathing is very good for kids too as it also increases the learning ability.   

3. Deep breathing helps in better Sleep 

Nowadays many of us are suffering from sleep deprivation but when your body  and mind are at peace, you will have a sound sleep. 

You can devote 5 minutes before going to bed, which can calm your brain and  helps you to sleep better. 

Magic of Deep Breathing to Lead Healthy Life
Effort Less Sleep is some blessing

4. Deep breathing reduces Depression

It’s very common now, many of us or our near ones (especially youngsters) had  gone through or going through depression. 

Deep breathing increases the levels of Serotonin (a feel-good hormone) and  Endorphins (the feel-good chemical) in your body, which helps you keep positive  and happy. 

When I do deep breathing, I always say that “Inhale the Future, Exhale the Past  and thus you take care of your Present.” 

Are you ready to feel the Magic of Deep breathing to lead a healthy life, here are  some tips for beginners: 

• Find a comfortable place, you can sit or lie down. 

• Try to take a deep breath.  

• Breathe in slowly through your nose, letting your chest and lower belly to  rise and let fill your lungs with oxygen. 

• You can breathe out slowly through your mouth or nose. 

• Don’t try too hard in the beginning. 

• Practice once or twice a day for 10-20 minutes. 

Thich Nhat Hanh a Vietnamese Monk once said “Feelings come and go like clouds  in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor”,

so if you don’t want to be  carried away with Bad Health, learn the art of deep breathing and invest few  minutes daily in this powerful tool to lead a healthy life thereafter.

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