12 Most Effective Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Workouts

With the help of a healthy diet and regular exercise, all the fluid and additional fat you gain during pregnancy may be lost. We provide you with much-needed knowledge and efficient activities to help you lose tummy fat after giving birth.

To avoid unexpected consequences, you should speak with your doctor before beginning any rigorous activities to decrease belly fat. 

After giving birth, you should aim to reach your post pregnancy weight loss within 6 to 12 months. By six weeks after giving birth, most women have lost half of their baby weight (postpartum). The remaining hair will often fall out over the subsequent several months.

Diet and exercise on a regular basis might help you shed unwanted pounds. Breastfeeding is an additional method that can assist with post pregnancy weight loss. So continue reading and give these easy workouts a try. 

How Much Time Does It Take for Your Belly to Return to Normal Size?

12 Most Effective Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Workouts

Normally, it takes six to twelve months to shed pregnancy weight. The following factors might affect how quickly and how much the bump shrinks:

  • You are a mother.
  • Your eating strategy and workout regimen
  • Size of your infant
  • The extra weight you could have put on being pregnant
  • Keep in mind that the uterus increases during pregnancy and the stomach.

How soon after childbirth are belly exercises safe?

Following a vaginal birth, doctors and physical therapists often advise a six-week waiting period and eight weeks in case of a c-section. Women who had a straightforward pregnancy and delivery can begin a light fitness regimen sooner, including stretching, walking, and pelvic floor exercises.

Before beginning an exercise program after a problematic normal delivery, cesarean section, or postpartum hemorrhage, see your doctor.

Breastfeeding and exercise

12 Most Effective Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Workouts

It is believed that moderate exercise has no impact on your baby’s growth, breast milk production, or quality. It’s crucial to drink enough water if you’re nursing. Keep a water bottle nearby during your workout, and sip on liquids often.

High-intensity exercise may cause lactic acid to build up in breast milk and provide a sour taste that a baby might not enjoy, according to some studies, but this is probably uncommon.

Consider feeding your baby before working out for post pregnancy weight loss if you want to prioritize exercise during the first few months of nursing, or pump before working out and feed your baby the breast milk you just pumped afterward. Alternately, work out first, then shower, express a few milliliters of breast milk, and give the breast after a half-hour.

When to begin

If your pregnancy and vaginal birth went smoothly, you might likely return to your regular exercise routine within a few days. Consult your doctor about the best time to begin an exercise program if you underwent a C-section, had a significant vaginal repair, or had a difficult birth.

Removing obstacles

Finding the time to work out might be difficult when caring for a baby. Changes in hormones might make you feel emotional, and on some days, you might be too exhausted to put in a complete exercise. Don’t give up, though. Put in a request for assistance to your spouse, your family, and your friends. 

Make time for exercise on your schedule. To maintain motivation, go for a run with a buddy. Include your child in the exercise, either by placing them in a stroller as you walk or by having them lie down next to you on the floor. Exercise may not be simple after giving birth, but it may improve your health and provide the energy you need to care for your baby.

Have patience

12 Most Effective Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Workouts

After giving delivery, your body will need time to recover and return to normal. It may take longer for you to recover if your post pregnancy weight loss too quickly after giving birth. Wait to start dieting until after your 6-week checkup. 

If you are nursing, you should keep making significant calorie reductions until your infant is at least 2 months old and your milk production has returned to normal.

Aim for a weekly weight loss of around one and a half pounds. Once your healthcare physician has given the all-clear for regular physical activity, you may do this by eating a balanced diet and adding exercise to your routine.

Compared to before pregnancy, women who are exclusively nursing require roughly 500 extra calories each day. Get these calories from nutritious foods like fresh produce, whole grains, lean protein, and fruits and vegetables.

Don’t consume fewer calories than you need.

Exercises For Your Post-Pregnancy Belly

1. You could benefit from postpartum belly workouts in the following ways.

  • to build abs
  • Increasing blood flow
  • Reduce the likelihood of postpartum leg cramps, varicose veins, and ankle and foot swelling

2. Any type of exercise generally has the following positive effects on your health:

  • Abdominal muscles are toned and strengthened by this exercise.
  • reduces tension
  • encourages improved sleep
  • reduces the risk of postpartum depression
  • helps one lose additional weight

Guidelines For Postpartum Belly Exercises in General

Before you commit to a fitness program, think about observing these recommendations:

  • Spend at least 20 to 30 minutes a day being active.
  • Simple exercises should be added first, followed by workouts of moderate intensity.
  • If you encounter pain before or during any workout, stop performing it.
  • In order to minimize the pain of engorged breasts, breastfeed your child before beginning any workout.
  • Keep a water bottle nearby so you may sip it sometimes.

Exercises for the Post-Pregnancy Belly

12 Most Effective Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Workouts

Depending on your health, it is best to start exercising only when your doctor approves. Here are some workouts that may aid in flattening your belly. Be aware that the findings are hypothetical.

1. Brisk walking

  • Five times a week, you can go for a 20 to 30-minute stroll.
  • After about two weeks, progressively pick up the pace.
  • You might also use a stroller or a pram to transport your infant while you walk.

2. Twister Exercises

12 Most Effective Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Workouts
  • Performing these activities may make you feel energized and active.
  • Simply stand upright and move your body in various directions.
  • For around 10 to 15 minutes, repeat on both sides, left and right.

3. Planks

  • Consider performing plank exercises.
  • Maintain the push-up position while placing your elbows shoulder-width apart on the floor.
  • Maintain this position for as long as you possibly can.

4. Floor crunches

  • These could assist you in losing weight from your lower abdomen.
  • Your hands should be behind your neck while lying on your back.
  • Lift your head slowly up.
  • You may perform sit-ups while holding your hands crossed over the sides of your abdomen.

5. Leg lift

12 Most Effective Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Workouts
  • Leg and stomach muscles can be strengthened with the use of this workout.
  • Try elevating both of your legs at the same time while lying on your back.
  • For around three to four seconds, hold your position.
  • Release the legs gradually.
  • You may think about performing 20 sets twice a day.

6. Flutter kicks

  • Flutter kicks primarily target the abdominal muscles, which are part of the core.
  • Your arms should support your buttocks as you lie on the ground.
  • For around 30 seconds, lift and lower your legs.

7. Bridging exercises

12 Most Effective Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Workouts
  • One of the pelvic floor exercises that will probably tone your leg, bottom, and stomach muscles is this one.
  • Lie on your back with your knees bent, and your feet planted firmly on the ground.
  • With the palms facing down, position your arms at your sides.
  • As soon as your knees, hips, and shoulders are in a straight line, lift your bottom off the ground.
  • For roughly five seconds, maintain this posture.
  • Lower your bottom gradually before returning to the starting position.
  • Repeat after giving your muscles some time to unwind.

8. Yoga

The practice of yoga has a number of positive effects on one’s physical and mental health. It could also aid in stomach reduction. You may begin doing it at home, or you can enroll in a yoga class taught by a qualified yoga teacher.

9. Pilates

One activity that helps your body become flexible and balanced is Pilates. It entails various postures and motions that might enhance your body’s coordination and strength. While performing this exercise, take a few deep breaths and try to relax. Join a pilates class to perform them with professional instruction.

10. Swimming

12 Most Effective Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Workouts

You can tone your abdominal muscles with this low-impact, no-weight-bearing exercise. Additionally, it does not place any stress on the ligaments and joints. Lap swimming, water jogging, and aqua aerobics classes are all options for exercise.

11. Pass the Ball

This is an alternative to crunches. You were crossing your legs while sitting on the floor. Try transferring the fictitious ball from the left foot to the right foot and vice versa while holding it in your hands as if it were a ball. While performing this workout, you are stretching, twisting, and crunching.

12. Lying Down Bicycle

12 Most Effective Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Workouts
  • This workout improves your thigh and leg muscles in addition to helping your tummy get smaller.
  • Knees should be bent at a 45-degree angle while you lay on your back.
  • Legs should be moved as if riding.
  • Continue for about 10 seconds, then quicken the tempo.

Wrapping It Up

It’s just as crucial to take care of your health as it is to look after the newborn after birth. To stay in shape, moms must carve out time from their hectic days and adhere to workout regimens. A few easy workouts for post pregnancy weight loss are the only additional work needed to be in shape again. Regularly carrying out these workouts will assist you in getting back in shape. A healthy diet and just 25 to 30 minutes of exercise each day may do wonders for your body and mind.

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