10 Healthy Indian Breakfast Options You Must Know About

Good food on your plate can make everything go right. But are we considering healthy food options? Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. Experts recommend that breakfast should not be missed. Adding healthy breakfast options to your plate can be the best thing you can do for your health. 

A healthy diet is important. Breakfast is considered to be an important meal as it ensures energy for starting your day and helping your metabolism. Breakfast helps in fueling up the body and replenishing the carbohydrate demands of the body. Indian food has won hearts with its blended flavors of spices. When it is a combination of taste and being healthy, Indian food can not be left behind. Today we will discuss 10 Healthy Indian Breakfast Options You Must Know About

1. Paneer bhurji

10 Healthy Indian Breakfast Options You Must Know About

Paneer bhurji makes the best and most delicious combination of aromatic Indian spices, onion, and tomatoes added to scrambled cottage cheese. It can be served with a variety of Indian bread as per one’s preference and taste. It is rich in carbohydrates and protein, which makes it the perfect healthy Indian breakfast option. 

100 grams of paneer can easily serve 10 grams of protein to the body. Adding to it, the flatbreads added to the meal result in serving to our body. (Paneer bhurji is good for health because it is rich in vitamins like vitamins A, B, & C. It is also a great source of nutrients and minerals like zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, etc. 

2. Uttapam

Uttapam is a variety of dosa, but the thickness of uttapam is more comparatively. Another difference is that uttapam has toppings that can include vegetables of your choice to make it a healthy Indian breakfast option. This delicious breakfast idea is native to south India. 

Being low in calories and fat content, it makes one of the best choices for people trying to lose weight. The healthy carbohydrates received from this savoring breakfast choice help in providing energy to your body. The toppings are based on your accordance and add additional nutrient supply to the dish.  

3. Dosa

10 Healthy Indian Breakfast Options You Must Know About

Many people believe dosa to be an unhealthy breakfast option, but you can make dosa a part of your healthy Indian breakfast options. Dosas are delicious, but other than that; they are the best for your digestive system. The benefits of fermentation while its preparation adds up to another reason why you should consider it in your healthy Indian breakfast options. 

It renders a sufficient amount of energy to your body and provides healthy carbohydrates. Because dosa also uses lentils in its preparation, it can be used to attain the sufficient amount of proteins required by your body. To make it more protein-rich, you can add a greater portion of lentils than that rice. 

4. Moong dal Cheela

Moong dal cheela is a pancake made with mung beans with added devouring spices and herbs. One cup of beans used as the main ingredient has approximately 49 grams of protein. The plant-based source of protein can be opted for by vegetarians to fill their protein requirements. The richness of fibers of mung beans aids in limiting cholesterol in the body and benefiting heart health. The beans used are also rich in nutrients. 

Richness in nutrients like iron and potassium aids in improving heart health. This healthy Indian breakfast cheela can be consumed daily for weight management and supports weight loss. The richness of fibers also aids in regulating blood sugar levels.  

5. Egg bhurji (scrambled eggs)

10 Healthy Indian Breakfast Options You Must Know About

Egg bhurji, commonly known as anda bhurji in Indian households, is another healthy Indian breakfast option you can add to your list. With very few calories, this breakfast option fulfills the optimum requirements of the protein demand of the body. Rich in amino acids, egg bhurji renders benefits to our bodies. 

Apart from protein, it is also a good source of different vitamins and nutrients. It is also rich in 3 fatty acids that have beneficial effects on our bodies. Egg Bhurji is also a good breakfast option if you are willing to lose weight. It can be served with different types of Indian bread like roti or naan.

6. Paratha

If you belong to an Indian household, you are already aware of the affection Indian households have for paranthas. A flatbread stuffed with different vegetables or pulses with added savors of Indian spices is a delicacy, along with being a healthy Indian breakfast option. Parathas often fail to make it to the healthier options for breakfast. 

But let us tell you that if made right, you can add your favorite delight to healthy Indian breakfast options. The stuffing adds additional nutritional benefits to this breakfast choice. The addition of ghee (clarified butter) enriches this breakfast option with the healthy fatty acids required by our bodies. 

7. Idli

10 Healthy Indian Breakfast Options You Must Know About

The savory tastes of spices added to make idli never disappoint any person choosing idli as his healthy Indian breakfast option. The fermentation of batter made of rice and lentils has multiple benefits to offer. It aids digestion and is low in calorie intake. The requirement of fermentation during its preparation adds up to the nutritional benefits of minerals in it. 

With satisfying the tongues of people, Idli promises to be one of the healthy Indian breakfast options. It also enhances heart health because it has almost no fat and cholesterol content. It is also a source of iron. The richness of fiber in idli aids proper digestion and satisfies the satiety of people for longer durations. 

8. Porridge (Dalia)

Dalia, made of broken wheat, is a minimalistic healthy Indian breakfast option. It is cooked by adding milk or water (as per one’s preference) and a thick paste is formed which is ready to be consumed. Dalia made with adding water or milk is sweet. One of the varieties of dalia can be made by adding vegetables of your choice. 

Dalia is rich in fiber which can provide relief from constipation. Along with fiber richness, this breakfast option is a source of protein and vitamins. This healthy Indian breakfast option is also beneficial if you are planning for weight management. One of the benefits of eating this healthy Indian breakfast is it also improves the metabolism of our body. 

9. Upma

10 Healthy Indian Breakfast Options You Must Know About

If you are looking for healthy Indian breakfast options but also do not want to miss the delight of taste. Upma, also called Uppittu or Uppumavu, is a south Indian dish made of granulated wheat. Upma (made of Rava or semolina) is a rich source of protein. It is also beneficial because it is also a source of vitamin B, Vitamin E & iron. 

Upma takes time for its digestion hence it provides satiety for a longer period. The added vegetables that are added while preparing upma are loaded with different minerals, nutrients, and fibers. Upma is rich in potassium which benefits the functions of the kidney. 

10. Poha 

Poha can not be missed in Indian households when healthy Indian breakfast options are considered. Poha has other common names like pauwa, chila, avalakki, and sira. Poha is nothing other than flattened rice cooked with Indian herbs, aromatic spices, and onion. It is a healthy Indian breakfast option because of its richness in carbohydrates and fiber. 

The high fiber content of this healthy Indian breakfast option also aids in improving digestive troubles. Along with furnishing the carbohydrate requirements of our body, poha is a great source of probiotics and iron. 

Poha is enriched with probiotic richness because its production requires fermentation. Poha can be made using different recipes as per the preferences of people. 

Foods that you should avoid adding to your breakfast

10 Healthy Indian Breakfast Options You Must Know About

Breakfast is important, we agree, but if you choose the wrong food options, it again goes wrong. Fried food items are one of the worst choices you can think of for your breakfast. Rather than frying, you can opt for poaching or scrambling. Avoid consuming ketchup, sauces, or juices in your breakfast, as they are highly processed. Cereals can be a healthy option you could eat in the morning, but make sure they are not highly processed or sugary. 

Porridges are healthy options for your breakfast but make sure it is not pre-flavored. The reason is it can be loaded with sugar which makes it unhealthy. Juices, packed smoothies, or anything that is processed contains loads of flavors and sugar and hence should be avoided. The list of foods that should be avoided from adding to your plate of breakfast is unending. But we hope you choose the right options for a healthy breakfast. 

Wrapping It Up

Breakfast is a crucial meal. Skipping breakfast has been linked with some ill effects. But eating something that will affect your body in the wrong manner should be considered as well. The nutrient intake of the day makes it very crucial to opt for the right choices of breakfast. 

Choosing the right breakfast options offers multiple benefits. We all want delicious food, and we mentioned the healthy Indian breakfast options that are delicious as well. We hope you try out these scrumptious options for your next breakfast soon.

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