Best 7 Aerobic Exercises for Kids to Build Immunity

All the doctors and fitness experts have highlighted the importance and benefits of doing aerobic exercises daily. Even before the outbreak of Covid 19, fitness experts in all their workshops and campaigns stressed the need for daily physical activity for all age groups, including kids. 

During covid 19, many kids could not recover faster due to their weak Immunity. Many syrups, drinks, and packed foods are available at stores for Boosting Immunity, but these don’t have a good effect in the long term. Exercising is an excellent option for boosting Immunity among kids. There are many exercises like playing games, skipping, Zumba, and Aerobics for kids to boost their immunity. 

Today, we will discuss aerobics exercises for kids and their importance and role in boosting a child’s immunity. 

What is Aerobics? 

Aerobics is also a form of physical activity that includes easy steps and body movements. Aerobics helps with the whole body movement, and no body part remains idle. According to a publication, aerobics is done with a piece of background music and has specific steps that one learns slowly after practice. 

Aerobics is a physical exercise that takes place for an extended period. A lot of oxygen is generated from the body while doing this exercise because it takes time for an extended period. 

Benefits of doing Aerobics for kids

Aerobic Exercises for Kids
  • Aerobics exercise generates a lot of oxygen from the body. As it is done nonstop, there is an ample requirement for oxygen. 
  • It is suitable for maintaining the balance in blood pressure among kids. 
  • It is also suitable for maintaining obesity among kids. But, Aerobics should be done consistently for visible results in obesity. The results cannot be seen in less period. 
  • Aerobics increases immunity and resistance to diseases among kids. 
  • Aerobics is a rare form of exercise that generates power from inside the body of kids and keeps them at bay from health issues. 
  • Aerobics increases the kids’ appetite as kids show many tantrums while eating food. After doing Aerobics, kids feel hungry, so their mothers can easily maintain their diet for a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Aerobics brings discipline to the kids and makes their lifestyle better and healthy. 
  • Aerobics increases body parts’ flexibility and makes them sharp and fast in doing their daily activities. 
  • Doing Aerobics daily increases the concentration among the kids. 

Inculcating Aerobic Exercises for Kids in the daily lifestyle of kids has so many benefits that every mother will consider joining their kids in Aerobics classes. Aerobics will surely bring a positive change in their kid’s life. 

Although joining is easy, maintaining the same is very difficult; hence, mothers should always remain focused on keeping their children consistent in this physical activity.  

We will discuss the various postures and exercises that are part of Aerobics which help boost immunity among kids. These exercises are mentioned taking into consideration the age and capacity of kids so that they don’t find any difficulty performing the same and everything runs smoothly. 

Types of Aerobic Exercises suitable for kids to boost their immunity- 

1) Jumping Jack

Jumping jacks are one of the most commonly done forms of Aerobics exercise. They are straightforward to perform and burn a lot of calories and generate energy for doing more exercise. For doing Jumping jacks, the child should stretch both legs and take a jump. While jumping, the child should also make hand movements by simultaneously taking them up and down while pushing the legs outwards. 

Study shows that jumping jacks are easy to perform and a promising way to start your exercise. Kids should do jumping jacks in two sets, and one group should include 30 jumping jacks that should be done continuously. After completing that, they should take a rest of 15 secs which is very important, before starting the next one. After finally completing two sets, they should take a rest of 25 sec before the next aerobic exercise. 

2) Overhead reach exercise

Aerobic Exercises for Kids

In the following exercise, after jumping jacks comes overhead reach, which is more accessible than jumping jacks. For this exercise, keep one hand on the waist and take the other hand just above your head by bending your body very little. The movement should be done alternatively of both the hands for two different activities, i.e., first hand above the head and another hand on the waist. 

This should be done alternatively and continuously. Overhead reach should be done in two sets, and one group should include 28 times of doing it. After one stage is completed, the rest of 15 seconds should be taken; after both, the set’s rest of 25 seconds should be taken. This exercise helps in hand movements and a tiny bit of the waist for flexibility.

3) Running Man Exercise

The next aerobics exercise for boosting the immunity of kids is running man exercise. As interesting as it sounds, it is fun to perform. Running man exercise stimulates running but not running from one place to another. 

Kids should wave their hands inside and outward and stimulate running by standing in one place only. They should make forward and backward movements of their legs as if they are running but not running. They are standing in one place. 

This exercise indicates both hands, legs, and the entire body, so it is all in one activity and fun to do. Kids will love it. Running man should be done in two sets. Each set should include 30 times of doing running man. After one group, a rest of 15 seconds should be taken, and after completion rest of 25 seconds should be taken. 

4) Squat and kick

Next comes squat and kick exercise, which slowly increases the level of Aerobics for kids. The kids should sit in the squat position, then get up quickly and kick one leg on the side. Then again, they should squat, get up, and kick with another leg on another side. 

This should be done fastly and with alternate legs and alternate sides. Squat and kick exercise creates a body movement specifically for the lower thighs and butt of the child. The excess fat developed over there can be reduced by doing this exercise daily.

Two sets should be done, and one group should include 18 squats and kicks. A rest of 15 seconds should be taken after each stage, and after completion of both sets rest time of 25 seconds should be taken respectively. 

5) Ski Hops exercise

Aerobic Exercises for Kids

Ski Hops exercise is a simulation of skiing without ski sticks. While doing ski hops, kids should jump on two sides alternatively, and their hand movements should be the same as while doing the ski. Ski hops exercise is best for both hands and thighs as it creates pressure on both of them. This reduces the extra saturation of fats in the body. 

Skip hops should be done in two sets; one set includes 32 ski hops, and there should be a rest time of 15 seconds between them. The final rest time should be 30 seconds after the completion of the set. 

6) Forward Jumps exercise

The next aerobics exercise is forward jumps, which are as simple as it sounds. Kids should jump in both directions alternatively while doing forward jumps. This movement should be done continuously and fastly for effective results. 

The jumping jacks should be done in two sets, and one set should include 12 jumping jacks. The rest time should be of 15 secs between both sets. After the completion of two sets rest time of 25 seconds should be taken.

7) Ski Jacks

Ski jacks should be done by making the movements of legs and hands. The legs should be moved forward and backward continuously and simultaneously; the hands should also be carried in the upward direction. 

Ski jacks should be done in two sets, including 26 ski jacks. After 26 ski jacks, a rest of 15 seconds should be taken and a final rest of 25 seconds after completing both sets. 

Jumping jacks, overhead reach, running man, squat and kicks, ski hops, forward jumps, and ski jacks are some of the aerobics exercises that boost immunity among kids. These exercises are straightforward and can be enjoyed by kids also. 

Wrapping It Up

Many online and offline aerobics classes are available for Aerobic Exercises for Kids that teach professionally. The trainers of these classes are certified and professionally trained to teach the kids. Kids should join aerobics classes and perform these exercises under professional guidance. 

Aerobics is good for boosting kids’ immunity and also enjoys many benefits. Kids will enjoy doing these aerobics exercises, and it will also help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Daily physical activity has long-term benefits, which help kids keep their weight and boost their immunity. 

Aerobics is also a physical activity that helps generate power from the body and increases oxygen. 

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