10 Healthy Habits To Cure Anxiety

A healthy lifestyle is what we all desire in our lives. Health has been affixed with just physical fitness and the absence of diseases that harm the physical efficiency of our bodies. Since people now understand the importance of how important it is to focus on your health mentally as well, mental health acquires deserving attention. 

When it comes to taking care of ourselves mentally, negligence can cause a wide range of troubles. Reasons like distress or damage can affect normal functioning, which can cause an interruption in cognition and behaviour. It can also destabilise a person emotionally. Some of the major mental disorders are linked with anxiety, moods, and functioning, which include remembering the basic events of our daily lives. 

One of the most common troubles accosted is anxiety. This problem might not look like a concerning issue, but it approximately affects about 30% of the adult population at least once in their lifetime. It becomes more concerning as it is not just the adults it is affecting. The National Institutes of Health claimed that 1 in every three young people is prone to suffer from anxiety. 

Anxiety poses a threat to the population of the world. Let us gather the information in the article that teaches you how you can control your anxiety. Here are ten healthy habits that will help you to cure anxiety.

1. Practising journal

10 Healthy Habits To Cure Anxiety

Journaling can be effective for controlling the troubles of stress in various ways. It is a part of many strategies used for overcoming anxiety. Journaling lessens the emotional turmoil linked with anxiety and also results in a better mood. Journaling has been a great way to explore and understand yourself. 

You can easily filter your triggers for stress and further work on them. If you have never tried journaling and you wish to try it for your anxiety, you should make journaling a habit. To develop journaling as a habit, you can devote a particular place and time to it. Your journal should include every single thought that comes to your mind. You can try different modes of it like writing, doodling, or drawing.

2. Eliminating alcohol from your consumption

Excessive drinking and substance abuse are not rare in people who struggle with anxiety. Alcohol may relieve the problems for a short time, but there is a high chance that people with stress form its habit. Even if alcohol numbs the troubles for a while, its effect can shortly fade off, and afterwards, it can escalate anxiety. 

Alcohol interferes with neurotransmitters of the brain; this alteration can make anxiety worse. Sometimes, drinking alcohol too can lead to triggers for anxiety. Stress triggered by alcohol may be worse. Many times people use alcohol excessively as an unhealthy coping mechanism to get over their troubles.

3. Nature is the best healer

10 Healthy Habits To Cure Anxiety

We all love gazing at the gigantic mountains and mesmerising scenic beauties nature provides us. Did you know that being in touch with nature can suppress anxiety? Being out in the lap of nature can make you better if you suffer from stress. The two best ways you can connect with nature are hiking and camping. 

But if you like neither of the two options, you can simply choose to go to your local garden or a place where you can witness nature. There are numerous studies that prove the beneficial effects of spending time in nature in conditions of stress.

4. Self-care and self-love are the best medicine

Very often, we forget to love ourselves. Anxiety can make you give yourself the worst treatment at times. Taking proper care of yourself boosts happy moods. Taking care of yourself can seem a little hard if you struggle with stress. You can start by treating yourself in simpler ways. 

Some of the ways you can practice self-care include taking baths, going for walks, rewarding yourself, and reading quality books. Consume healthy meals and build healthy habits. Aromatherapy is another way you can pamper yourself. Exposing yourself to scents can also be effective as they contain essential oils.

5. Sleep hygiene: Improve your anxiety 

10 Healthy Habits To Cure Anxiety

Good sleep has a lot of health benefits. Sometimes people with anxiety disorders find it hard to attain good sleep. Sleep deprivation can make things worse for people suffering from stress. After a good night’s sleep, you attain a better mood and an active brain. 

If you are successful in managing a healthy sleep pattern, you will be able to de-escalate your troubles related to anxiety. A proper sleep refreshes our minds, letting us deal with situations and emotions in a better manner. 

6. A healthy diet to lessen your anxiety

Anxiety can lower your appetite, and it can make you skip meals very frequently. A healthy diet is recommended by everybody, and we all know how it has affirming results for us. But can a healthy diet have positive effects in regards to stress? The answer is YES! You can discuss with your nutritionist and curate a diet that helps anxiety. Include protein in your breakfast that provides you with enough energy to start a bright day. 

Limiting caffeine and alcohol is a plus point if you are concerned about your anxiety. Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is a must. Including complex carbohydrates like whole grains can also add to provide calming effects. Lastly, a healthy diet will not only help in controlling stress but offers a variety of health benefits.

7. Being regularly engaged in physical activities

10 Healthy Habits To Cure Anxiety

Staying active is one of the best and effortless ways to contribute to your good health. Regular exercises help the health of your brain and heart. If you are engaged in physical exercises, it has beneficial results for your muscles and bones. You can achieve physical exercise by running, jogging, swimming, dancing, etc.

Inactivity can elongate the symptoms of your anxiety. If you are searching for an undemanding way to improve your stress, engaging in physical exercise is the best choice for you. 

Physical exercise is beneficial to combat anxiety because it helps in releasing hormones that make you feel good, elevate better moods, and hence improve stress. Arresting yourself in physical activity acts as a distraction from your anxiety. And adding to that, it helps in relieving muscle tension which eventually limits your body, contributing to stress.

8. Cutting caffeine out of your diet

Coffee is something that the majority of people love, no matter what time it is. Offering a plethora of benefits, coffee is a healthy beverage when consumed in considerate amounts. But let us not ignore the side effects of drinking coffee. One of the side effects of coffee is it can amplify anxiety. Coffee and anxiety are somewhat associated. 

You do not have to worry much if you are consuming caffeine in moderate amounts. In lower quantities, caffeine can be extremely beneficial. Coffee can not directly cause stress, but if you already have anxiety, it can make the situation worse. A person dealing with anxiety should keep a check on how much caffeine he is taking. 

9. Use strategies dedicated used for controlling anxieties

There are different strategies that are recommended for people facing difficulties caused by stress. One of them is the 3-3-3 strategy. It is not a formal or strict way of coping with anxiety, but it can help deal with it. The technique is not published in any research papers or journals, but people find it easier to manage stress. 

In this anxiety management technique, you have to visually identify three things and name them, name three sounds, and touch any of three things from your surroundings. There are a variety of techniques you can choose to help you. Though these techniques are effective, if you suffer from stress, you should not consider these techniques as a replacement for a counsellor.

10. Control your social media usage

10 Healthy Habits To Cure Anxiety

Researchers claim that social media platforms are associated with worsening anxiety. Social media portrays perfection. But very often, the consumption of social media accelerates your stress. We are not suggesting that social media is bad. But, if you suffer from anxiety, you should be extremely cautious about it. 

One of the tips to control your symptoms of anxiety caused by social media is to limit its use. Track the time you are spending on social media platforms. Log out your accounts when you do not wish to get disturbed by them. Bookmark the accounts that you feel are adding value to your life. Do not involve yourself in arguments that exist on social media platforms. Opt for a digital detox if you feel social media is affecting your stress.

Wrapping It Up

In recent times, the importance of mental health has been devised and kept in the limelight. The emphasis on mental health received no notice for a very long time. Anxiety is an unpleasant experience. It can be caused by stress, depression, genetic factors, or child abuse. You should do your best to overcome anxiety, but the ways we listed should at no cost be a replacement for professional help.

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