Social Anxiety

How To Deal With Social Anxiety When Getting Back to the Office?

Do you have questions and concerns regarding life after lockdown? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. As governments throughout the world announce the lifting of the limitations imposed during the lockdown, many people are concerned about their ability to return to normalcy. Though most people wish for the days when they could live their lives as they used to, there are outliers who find comfort in all of this and now prefer the ‘lockdown existence,’ scared … Read More

Emotional Exhaustion: Everything You Need To Know!

Emotional exhaustion is a state in which you feel emotionally exhausted and drained as a result of cumulative stress from your personal or professional lives or a mix of the two. One of the symptoms of burnout is emotional exhaustion. People who are feeling emotional exhaustion frequently feel as though they have no authority or control over what happens in their lives. They may feel “trapped” or “stuck” in a scenario. Emotional exhaustion can be … Read More

11 Most Effective Strategies For Burnout Recovery

Your brain and body can only take so much being overworked and overburdened. If you encounter high amounts of stress on a regular basis without making efforts to manage or minimise it, tiredness will eventually take control, leaving you emotionally and physically exhausted. You may begin to lose motivation if it appears like nothing you do is making a difference. Because burnout develops gradually, you may not notice symptoms right away. However, it can impair … Read More

9 Unknown Ways For Coping With Coronavirus Anxiety

Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back. You’ve managed to divert your attention away from breaking news long enough to uncover some resources that could truly help you deal with your Coronavirus anxiety. That is not an easy task right now. Experts advise social separation and self-quarantine to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus illness (COVID-19), effectively isolating most of us. It makes sense if you haven’t been doing anything … Read More

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