Get Fit at Work: 11 Office Workout Moves to Improve Your Health

Fitting a lengthy workout into your existing full schedule can be quite challenging. However, you can try scheduling brief office workout moves during the day if you’re having trouble finding the time to remain active. In other terms, you can get some midday blood flow stimulation and get through your mid-afternoon slump by exercising for even 5 to 10 minutes while sitting at your work!

Imagine working out effectively without a treadmill or a rack of weights! How amazing is that! We’ve selected ten office workout moves you may perform at your desk, some of which you can do while seated, to spare you the trouble of browsing the internet for answers. Nevertheless, before beginning with either of these desk fitness programs, it is advisable to speak with your doctor.

1. Relaxing the Neck

Be careful to release a certain amount of stress that has built up from long hours at your desk before you begin any activity.

By relieving the strain on your muscles, these yoga poses for your shoulders and neck will help you avoid migraines or shoulder pain later on in the night.

These movements may seem easy, but they are incredibly powerful and painless. Simply lower your chin, turn your head, move your shoulders in both directions, and extend your arms, as seen in the above video explainer. If you experience the slightest pain, make sure you stop doing it right away.

2. Stretching the wrists

Get Fit at Work: 11 Office Workout Moves to Improve Your Health

These wrist exercises are especially helpful for computer users since they help you ease wrist pain now and prevent it from getting worse.

For some fast suggestions: To release any tension, raise your palms, extend your arms, squeeze your palms together, shake your hands, or try performing wrist curls with bottles of water as weights.

3. High knees

Looking for some realistic office workout moves? Standing up from your workstation, raise your knees as much as you can. This workout resembles running in place, except the emphasis is on raising your knees. To ensure you’re performing the exercise correctly, utilize your hands and tap your knees against your palms.

Initially, try aiming for 3 sets of 20 repetitions. This brief exercise can also be used as a warm-up before the next office workout moves.

4. Seated Leg Raises

Get Fit at Work: 11 Office Workout Moves to Improve Your Health

You won’t really need to be concerned about missing leg day. Well, thanks to this routine. These abdominal and leg exercises can be performed discreetly while participating in a conference call or meeting. The best thing? You get a great complex exercise all without having to get up since they work your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps (the front, rear, and butt of your thighs).

Take a straight seat in your desk chair. Your left leg should now be straight and parallel to the floor. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Continue by moving your right leg in the same manner. Repeat 15 times on each leg. After you reach a certain level of strength, consider adding weight to the workout by doing leg lifts while carrying a purse or briefcase around your legs.

5. Chair Dips

You’ll need a desk chair that won’t slide away from you while doing this activity. Position your arms on each side of your hips with your fingers pointed towards your desk. Then, scoot up to the highest front tip of your chair. With both hands on the chair’s edges, lift your body off the seat and then lower it so that your back is pointing down towards the floor. This is accomplished by engaging your core and your arms. Repeat this fifteen times by pushing yourself right back. Complete three rounds of 15.

6. Calf Raises

Get Fit at Work: 11 Office Workout Moves to Improve Your Health

Add water bottles as additional weight or, for greater stability, lean against a wall or chair. While holding your core tight, lift yourself up to the balls of the feet with your palms by your sides. Then, lower yourself and lift yourself back up again. Maintain your height without rounding. Hold each posture for a minimum of 2 or 3 seconds.

Try to complete two or three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions or until you start to feel a burning sensation. 

7. Shadow Boxing

This workout will not only increase your heart rate and provide you with some cardio, but it will also help you decompress if you had an extremely stressful day at work. While you’re seated far enough away from your computer, of course, raise your fists in a boxing stance in front of your face. Shifting back and forth between your right and left arms, strike the air with your fists as though you were using a punching bag.

For 30 seconds, repeat this. Pause. Repeat once more for 30 seconds. Remember, schedule this repetition into your workday at regular intervals, just like you would with other aerobic office workout moves.

8. Water Bottle Free Weights

Get Fit at Work: 11 Office Workout Moves to Improve Your Health

Use two filled water bottles to perform any free weight exercise, including lateral rises, boxer drills, bicep curls, and more, for a quick and simple variation. Use these as weights to perform arm curls, overhead presses, and other easy gym-style exercises straight at your desk.

Do 3 sets of 10 to 30 repetitions for each exercise, depending on your strength level and the weight of the water bottles. Even better, you can use these as a whole arm day workout.

9. The Chest Opener

Everyone who frequently feels shoulder pain (or wants to prevent it) should perform this short and efficient stretch. Sit on the edge of the chair, placing both hands behind the nape of the neck, round this posture with your elbows tucked in, and maintain a chin down. Then, raise your head high and squeeze your shoulder blades while opening up your chest and arms.

It’s sufficient to perform five to ten repetitions as part of a regular, full workout. Attempt performing this stretch multiple times each day as well. Don’t hold your breath to avoid getting exhausted quickly.

10. Lunges

Get Fit at Work: 11 Office Workout Moves to Improve Your Health

Lunges are among the best office workout moves if you want to give your quads a serious workout. Place your feet shoulder-width apart while standing. Standing on your toes, extend one leg forward, then bring the other leg out to the side. This is exactly where you will be beginning from.

Lunge slowly while simultaneously bending the other leg, keeping your front leg’s knee bent at a 90-degree angle (the knee shouldn’t extend past the toes). Bring your entire body to the floor until your rear knee is in contact with it.

Switch legs after performing 5 to 15 repetitions. You can add additional weight to this to make it even more difficult. Simply grab two water bottles and act as though you are holding dumbbells.

11. Make-believe Jump Rope

You can incorporate this fast aerobic exercise into your program as well. Put on the appearance of clutching a jump rope by standing with your feet together and extending your forearms in opposing directions at a low angle. When your forearms are pointing at the ground, leap each time you make a circular motion with them.

Although you don’t have to go in circles, imagining that you’re holding a skipping rope and that you’ll “trip” will help you pace your jumps correctly, resulting in a more efficient workout.

Wrapping It Up

Office workout moves are a great way to remain in shape, be active, and increase productivity. If you spend hours in front of a computer with no physical activity, you run the risk of developing chronic diseases. These exercises can prevent that. It is obvious that exercise has positive effects on so many facets of our lives, including our work.

Bear in mind that spending a lot of time sitting down can be bad for your health. Regrettably, not every employer offers yoga around lunchtime or has a gym on site. Finding the right time and energy for a thorough fitness routine at the workplace might be challenging but highly beneficial if practiced.

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