Cumin seeds: 8 Amazing Health Benefits + Possible Side Effects

Cumin seeds, very well known to give flavors to food items, are a product of the plant “Cuminum cyminum”. It is mostly used as dried seeds or in its powdered form. It is a crucial ingredient in spice blends. Cumin is traditionally added to curries and a variety of other dishes. If you are looking for ways to improve your health, cumin seeds, unknowingly, are already supporting you.

Cumin holds a crucial place when it comes to spices and amazes people with its flavor. But let us discuss the lesser-known health benefits of these seeds. These seeds have been used since ancient times to treat a lot of health conditions. Even today, Ayurveda extensively uses these seeds in its treatments. Many studies and researches are currently going on to discover the mechanism by which the cumin seeds provide us health benefits.

Let us see what all health benefits are rendered by cumin seeds we use almost daily.

1. Cumin seeds help in gastrointestinal troubles

Cumin seeds have been traditionally used for gastrointestinal troubles. Ayurveda is one such field where these seeds have been extensively used for treatments. These seeds are a rich source of chemicals that are good for our gut health. These seeds are known to aid digestion. The oils and compounds present in these seeds provoke the secretion of salivary enzymes that parallelly improves digestion. These seeds are also a rich reservoir of essential oils. These essential oils stimulate the gastric glands and acids which help in proper digestion. 

2. A solution to constipation

Cumin seeds are also a rich reservoir of fiber content, which makes them relief for constipation. It regulates bowel movement and the health of our gut. These seeds naturally contain substances that can act as laxatives, which will improve the conditions of constipation. Cumin seeds also show antimicrobial effects that will protect you from any possible infection in your gastrointestinal tract. It can also be used to treat conditions like nausea, elevate the metabolic rate, and enhance digestion. These seeds are also efficient in relieving the problems of gas. There are many reasons for gas, but these seeds can regulate the conditions in most cases. These seeds elevate the flow of urine, which on the other hand improves the gas troubles.

3. Cumin seeds: Immunity booster

Cumin seeds are excellent for enhancing our immune systems. The natural presence of natural oils in these seeds is one of the factors responsible for boosting immunity. Cumin oil is very efficient in killing larvae and bacterial strains. Effective antiseptic and larvicidal activities of oils extracted from these seeds have been observed. Cumin oil is confirmed to fight against fungal and bacterial strains. Another reason why these seeds boost immunity can be conferred to the reason that they are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a well-known immunity booster. 

4. Antioxidants in cumin seeds

The essential oils present in cumin seeds act as strong antioxidants. The naturally occurring antioxidants present in these seeds are very efficient in fighting against the degrading properties of radicals present in our system. The free radicals found in our body damage the body cells/parts by oxidation. Antioxidants actively protect by eliminating these radicals. These antioxidants conferred by the cumin seeds help in furnishing protection against diseases like cancer and vascular diseases. The antioxidants present in these seeds are also beneficial in combating skin problems and giving a glowing skin. These seeds act as a boon and the reason is the antioxidants present in them. 

5. Anti-cancer effects

Cumin seeds have a major role in traditional methods of disease prevention. Oils extracted from these seeds have been used to treat a lot of diseases like cancer, asthma, diabetes, etc. Another compound obtained from cumin seeds that have shown similar effective results is thymoquinone. Cumin seeds or extracts have been effective against different types of cancer. The mechanism of how these seeds can be effective against cancer is not known yet, but thymoquinone and its antioxidant activity are assumed to exhibit the anti-cancer property of these seeds. Other than thymoquinone, many other active compounds are also present in these seeds that can be a possible cause of prevention against cancer.

6. Cumin seeds are a reservoir of nutrients

Cumin seeds are a source of various elements and metals required by our body. Calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, etc. are found in considerable amounts required by our body. Just 100 grams of cumin seeds can fulfill about 92% of our daily requirement of magnesium while just 67 grams of these seeds can provide the daily requirement of manganese. These seeds are also rich in iron which concludes you can control iron deficiency by consuming these seeds. One tablespoon of iron can fulfill the requirement of about 20% of your daily iron intake. These seeds also contain vitamin C which has many health benefits.

7. Cumin seeds support your weight loss journey

Cumin seeds can be very effective in reducing weight and losing fat. These seeds elevate the metabolic rate of the system and also aids digestion, which altogether helps in losing weight. If you are looking for ways to reduce your belly fat, these seeds can be a savior here.

8. Helpful for acidity

The chemical nature of cumin seeds or cumin water is alkaline. The alkaline nature of these seeds can provide a solution to problems regarding acidity by neutralizing acidity in the digestive tract. The chemicals present in these seeds can be useful in relieving the troubles of gas issues.

The side effects of cumin seeds

Cumin seeds offer many health benefits to the human body. But allergic response or taking cumin seeds in excessive amounts can lead to side effects as well. These seeds are known to cause heartburn due to the release of gas in some people. In some cases, these seeds can also affect the blood clotting process and may cause a delay. 

Cumin seeds have narcotic effects, causing mental fogginess, sleepiness, and nausea. As a result, these seeds must be consumed with caution. Furthermore, cumin seeds offer anti-diabetic effects that help to regulate blood sugar levels.

Consuming these seeds and diabetes medication combined might cause blood sugar levels to drop, resulting in hypoglycemia. As a result, it is best to ingest these seeds in moderation. Taking higher dosages to achieve faster results may not be beneficial in the long run.

According to several research, these seeds reduce testosterone levels, interfering with sperm motility and fertility. Furthermore, in some cultural customs, cumin administration might cause miscarriage.

When and how to eat cumin seeds?

According to experts and nutritionists, early morning is the best time to consume cumin. Consuming these seeds on an empty stomach is known to be the most effective. There is no best way to consume these seeds. No Indian dish is complete without these seeds in it. But there are a lot of ways of consuming these seeds. We have discussed a few ways you can consume cumin water. 

1. Cumin tea

Add a handful of cumin seeds to a container and pour them into water. You can also soak the cumin seeds for five to six hours before preparing the cumin tea. Heat the water and bring it to boiling. Let the cumin seeds boil for some time. Place a lid on the vessel and let it boil for a few minutes. Filter the water and discard the cumin seeds. You can further add flavors like honey or lemon. Your healthy cumin tea is ready to be served. 

2. Cumin supplements

You can consume the essential oils and other important compounds contained in cumin seeds by consuming cumin supplements. There are a variety of cumin supplements available on the market. 

3. Eating raw cumin seeds

You can consume these seeds in their form, it poses no harm to our system. 

4. Add cumin to your diet

Indian foods already contain these seeds in them. You already are consuming these seeds in your diet. You can also add cumin powder to a bowl of yogurt or curd before consuming it.

Wrapping It Up

Cumin seeds are high in nutrients. However, it is predominantly utilized in Asian and Indian cuisines for culinary and medicinal uses. Not all studies have found this advantage, and greater dosages may be required for weight loss. Cumin as a spice boosts antioxidant consumption, aids digestion, protects anemia, improves blood sugar regulation, and may help avoid foodborne diseases.

Though cumin has several evidence-based health advantages, some have been known since ancient times and others are still being researched. These seeds, when combined with regular exercise, have been demonstrated to significantly increase weight reduction.

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