Almond Milk: Health Benefits You Must Know!

Almond Milk: Health Benefits You Must Know!

The rise in usage of plant-based milk has seen a commendable surge in the past years. There was a drop in sales of dairy milk in the year 2018 alone by 6%. A report suggested that the industry of plant-based milk by the year 2024 was expected to reach an approximate figure of $ 38 billion. People prefer plant-based milk for various reasons.  The medical reasons for avoiding dairy milk can be because of lactose … Read More


10 Immunity-Boosting Juice To Consume When You’re Sick

Your immune system is always working to determine which cells belong to your body and which do not. This means it needs a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals to keep its energy levels up. The recipes below are high in necessary nutrients for everyday health and battling illnesses like the cold or flu. Learn which immunity-boosting elements are included in each juice, smoothie, or seed milk so you may start your mornings with a … Read More

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