Jogging: What Health Benefits Does It Offer?

Jogging: What Health Benefits Does It Offer?

Health is one aspect we all know that requires our attention. A healthy body is loaded with energy, can fight effectively against the potential pathogens our bodies interact with, and the mind is happy. If you are chasing down an effortless way of exercise to maintain a healthy routine for your body, you may consider giving jogging a chance.  Jogging is very much like running, but both the terms differ in their intensity. Jogging differs … Read More


Postpartum: 10 Amazing Life Hacks That Will Help During This Period!

Motherhood is a beautiful journey. Now you have given birth to your baby, and you are clueless about what you are supposed to do now. We will help you with all your postpartum questions and will give you the hacks no one told you about.  What is Postpartum? Postpartum is the time after you deliver your baby. Simply put, postpartum is the time your body heals from the painful labors you had to experience.  For … Read More

morning walk

8 Potential Benefits of Starting Your Day with a Morning Walk

When you get up in the morning, your first priority may not be activity. A morning walk, whether in your neighbourhood or as part of your commute to work or school, may provide your body with a variety of health benefits. Walking is always at the top of the list of physical exercises for a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people find running and hard exercise difficult, and others even lack enthusiasm. A stroll is a … Read More

Impact Of COVID-19 On Our Diet and Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic presented many individuals with new problems that most of us had never experienced before. It disrupted people’s normal routines, caused stress and worry, and pushed them out of their comfort zones, all of which may have an impact on their overall health. Vaccines are now being provided, certain limitations have been relaxed, and health organisations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are beginning to reduce physical distance recommendations. … Read More

work depression

Work Depression: Best Tips To Enhance Your Mental Health At Your Workplace

You are not alone if you experience work depression. Sadness, worry, loss of motivation, difficulty concentrating, inexplicable episodes of weeping, and boredom are just a few of the symptoms you may be experiencing at work if you are having depressive symptoms. Every year, millions of individuals are affected by work depression. People who took the survey’s depression screen increased by 62%, and 8 out of 10 tested positive for symptoms of moderate to severe work … Read More

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